BHHT to host 2nd Annual Hiking Challenge

BLUE HILL—Blue Hill Heritage Trust is hosting the second annual Peninsula Hiking Challenge through Aug. 25. The challenge, open to all ages, includes seven trails. There is an image posted somewhere along each trail. Hikers are invited to find and make note of these images.

There will be an end-of-challenge celebration at Strong Brewing Co., 7 Rope Ferry Road, Sedgwick, on Saturday, Aug. 25, where prizes will be awarded. Every child who completes the challenge will receive a certificate and an award.

This year’s trails are Penny’s Preserve, Blue Hill (Entrance by Waterfall off Peters Brook Trail); Hundred Acre Wood, Brooklin; John B. Mountain, Brooksville (Horseshoe Cove Spur Trail); Greenbie, Castine; Cooper Farm, Sedgwick (Middle Loop); Weinland, Penobscot, and Carter Nature Preserve, Surry (Loop Trail).
For more information, please contact Blue Hill Heritage Trust at 374-5118 [email protected]

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