Auto mechanics to speak about their garages

HANCOCK — “The Garages of Hancock,” featuring the longstanding automotive mechanics who run them, is the focus of The Historical Society of Hancock’s final 2019 program at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 11, at the Hancock Women’s Club on Route 1. The public is welcome.

Among the featured speakers is Merchant’s Garage’s Rick Merchant, who started out fixing lawnmowers with his father in 1965-66. It wasn’t until 1978 that Rick began fixing cars and offer full automotive services at present location on Route 1. He sells cars too. After his day’s work, he serves as a Hancock selectman.

Another lifelong Hancock auto mechanic is Allen Stevens, whose first garage was on the old Route 1. Nowadays, his garage — which he says was the first automotive body shop — is on Route 1. For 42 years, he has worked on cars and sells some.

Another featured speaker is Jasie Piper, another crack auto mechanic in Hancock. His son Mark Piper runs Piper’s Body Shop on Route 1. Jasie began fixing car motors at age 13. For several years, he regularly served the Chevettes of several Hancock women including Elizabeth Phippen, Ardes Wooster and Mary Forni. They wouldn’t entrust their cars to anyone else.

All three men are car experts with many stories to share about their important jobs.

Of interest, too, is the fact the Hancock Women’s Club building once was a Sunoco garage and a blacksmith shop prior to that.

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