Autism Run/Walk Scheduled in Blue Hill

BLUE HILL — A local mother of an autistic child is organizing a 5K run/walk to raise funds to purchase occupational therapy equipment for autistic students and others at the Blue Hill Consolidated School.

Making Strides starts at the school on Saturday, Oct. 24. Registration is at 9 a.m. The event starts at 10. The race runs along the Parker Point Road.

Organizer Katye Lacasse said the idea originated when she was going to run a marathon and get sponsors to raise money for autism research.

Then she decided a community 5K event would be a better route.

“I wanted to do a cause that’s going to directly affect my son in the community he lives in,” said Lacasse. “I really want to raise money for occupational equipment for a therapeutic center.”

Her son Caleb, who is 9, was diagnosed with autism at age 4.

Caleb has a great need for equipment to help with sensory needs, Lacasse said. There are physical things he needs to do to stay on “an even keel,” she said. One example is that Caleb might wear a weighted vest or be covered with a weighted blanket.

Lacasse says the consolidated school has seven children with autism, which is higher than the state average of one in 90 students.

Lacasse is being assisted in her efforts by two other mothers with autistic children, Shani Billings and Tera Gellerson.

The group is also hoping to raise awareness of autism.

“I want people around here to be aware of who these kids are,” Lacasse said. “And that what it takes to make this child’s life function is more than what just the family can offer.”

“I think in our long-term goal we want to create a support network to help families with autism,” she said.

The registration fee for the event is $20. However, Lacasse said the group has asked for a suggested donation of $100, but that is just a suggestion.

Lacasse said if someone is going to go out and find sponsors, try to raise at least $100.

  • Making Strides 5K run/walk for autism
  • Saturday, Oct. 24
  • Registration at 9 a.m. Event starts at 10.
  • Blue Hill Consolidated School


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