Woodlawn has built a new building to replace the caretaker’s shed. The structure is twice the size of the previous shed and will be used to house the museum’s collection of antique carriages and sleighs. WOODLAWN PHOTO

Woodlawn builds new space for antique carriage and sleigh collection

ELLSWORTH — Woodlawn has replaced the former caretaker shed on the 180-acre historic estate with a new building that is twice the size.

The newly expanded space, which is nearly complete, will house the museum’s collection of antique carriages and sleighs, the Hancock County Trustees of Public Reservations, governing board of Woodlawn, announced Oct. 9.

“We are very happy with both the function and design of the new building,” said Woodlawn Executive Director Joshua Torrance. “The increased footprint will allow us to better preserve our antique vehicle collection, while retaining the hallmark exterior details of the original structure.”

E.L. Shea is the general contractor for the project with R.F. Jordan and King Electric as subcontractors. Design services are being provided by Oudens Ello Architecture.

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