Toddler seriously burned in campfire accident

CALAIS — A year-and-a-half-old Calais boy was seriously burned Wednesday when a flammable liquid was poured on a campfire, according to the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Wyatt Chandler is being treated for burns to 60 percent of his body at Mass General in Boston, according to a press release issued by state police spokesman Stephen McCausland.

Fire investigators say the toddler was sitting with his mother, Courtnie Chandler, near the campfire in the backyard of their home at 2 Pleasant St. They were planning on cooking hot dogs and s’mores. To intensify the fire, the boy’s father, Joshua Barnard, started to pour a flammable liquid from a plastic bottle onto the fire. The flame then traveled up the stream to the bottle and ignited it. Barnard dropped the container and its contents spilled on his son, according to the press release.

Wyatt was first LifeFlighted to Bangor and then flown to Boston.

Fire marshals advise never to throw a flammable liquid on a fire as the liquid or its vapors can explode.

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