The first crop of Red Bog berries is harvested at the small, organic bog in Sedgwick. RED BOG PHOTO

Sedgwick business harvests first cranberry crop

SEDGWICK — Sisters Kipp and Dale Quinby have harvested the first crop of cranberries from their new venture, Red Bog, a small, organic bog.

Kipp and Dale have been busy sorting and packing berries for their retail and wholesale customers. Since taking over the bog from a neighbor last year, the sisters have been learning about growing better cranberries, picking up the skills and slowly making improvements in the bogs and infrastructure.

“We work to grow the best berries and tend the best habitats in and around the bogs that we can,” according to a statement. “As a native, perennial species, cranberries grow best with the full diversity of native insects and other plants that support them; we look at these surrounding communities as a vital part of our cranberries’ health. We do not spray or chemigate with anything.”

They wait until the berries have achieved full flavor and color before harvesting with a combination of hand and mechanical raking. This ensures the cranberries can be used fresh or processed and provides customers with the best storage life.

Red Bog cranberries will be available in stores and restaurants around the Blue Hill Peninsula and the state. Find out more at

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