LUPC hearing scheduled Monday

ELLSWORTH — The Hancock County Commissioners are holding a public hearing on whether to adopt a citizen-submitted petition to maintain the Land Use Planning Commission’s (LUPC) One-Mile Rule on Monday, June 18, at 6 p.m. at the Hancock County Courthouse.

The LUPC is proposing to update its zoning system. The rule would affect unorganized territories.

Samantha Horn, the LUPC’s planning manager, said in a press release that development that is farther away from public services can lead to difficulty providing those services, and scattered development may interfere with forestry, recreation and habitat.

“Right now, new zones for subdivisions and businesses must locate within a mile of similar existing development, like a cluster of camps or an existing business,” Horn said.

New zones for development would be located in a plantation or within about 10 miles from towns that provide public services. Some wood fiber or recreation-related businesses and certain recreation-related subdivisions could locate farther away, but must stay away from remote, undeveloped areas.

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