An iconic view of Penobscot Bay and nearby islands from the top of Caterpillar Hill off Route 15 in Sedgwick is preserved. The Blue Hill Heritage Trust, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Island Heritage Trust collaborated on a campaign to purchase the property, the closing for which was held Tuesday. PHOTO COURTESY OF BLUE HILL HERITAGE TRUST

Land trusts team up on Caterpillar Hill purchase

SEDGWICK — A trio of land trusts have purchased a 32-acre parcel on Caterpillar Hill, which preserves an iconic view of Penobscot Bay and nearby islands.

The purchase was a fundraising collaboration between Blue Hill Heritage Trust (BHHT) Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) and Island Heritage Trust (IHT). The trusts closed on the property Tuesday.

The views from Caterpillar Hill, off Route 15, out to Penobscot Bay, are legendary, and rank high on the State of Maine’s scenic inventories of Penobscot Bay and Downeast Maine, the Blue Hill Trust said in a press release issued Tuesday.

“People from all around come here to watch sunsets, pick berries, create art, or find inspiration,” the release said. “The townspeople of Sedgwick ranked protecting these views as a top priority, and conservation organizations made this a focus of their work as well.”

“This is an iconic place on our peninsula, and we are thrilled to conserve more of it for the public,” said Hans Carlson, Blue Hill Heritage Trust’s executive director.

“We are very grateful to the many people around this peninsula, Deer Isle and islands who gave in big or small ways, and who together helped us,” said Ciona Ulbrich, senior project manager at Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

The property includes a building, which will be removed along with a shed located behind it.

The building has had a variety of uses over the years but its foundation is failing so the building needs to come down, the trust said. The building’s removal will open up a view to the northwest.

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