Developer plans 100-lot mobile home park in Bucksport

BUCKSPORT — A Hancock County-based developer will likely apply to the Planning Board for permission to build a 100-lot mobile home park for senior citizens on Central Street, Code Enforcement Officer Jeffrey Hammond said at the Economic Development Committee meeting on Nov. 14.

Hammond said the current zoning for the 60-acre parcel, located between the landfill and the transfer station, does not allow for mobile home lots. That’s why the developer will first have to propose a contract zone change.

If the Planning Board approves such a change, Hammond said, the Town Council will have to approve it, too. Next, the developer will have to come back to the Planning Board to await approval by a subdivision committee.

“A mobile home park is a subdivision by definition,” Hammond said, “so that should be an interesting process.”

Part of what might make the process interesting, the code enforcement officer said, is that the parcel is within the watershed of Silver Lake, the town’s water source. Since the parcel is off the town’s water and sewer lines, the developer would have to install a large, onsite septic system.

“The question is what impact would that potentially have on a body of water?” Hammond said.

The developer also would have to drill wells to provide water for residents, and those wells would likely have to be tested regularly to make sure they’re not contaminated by runoff from the nearby landfill. Hammond said he thinks existing wells used by nearby residents are tested on a regular basis for that reason.

Hammond said another question for the developer could be whether there is enough demand for senior housing to fill 100 lots.

More information should be available at the next Planning Board meeting, which will be held Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 6:30 p.m. at the Bucksport town office.

David Roza

David Roza

Former reporter, David Roza grew up in Washington County, Maryland, has reported in Washington County, Oregon, and covered news in Hancock County and Washington County, Maine for The American and Out & About.

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