Climate change conference scheduled in Blue Hill

BLUE HILL — If you don’t know what you can do, as one individual, to deal with climate change, there is an upcoming conference at George Stevens Academy just for you.

The Reversing Falls Sanctuary Climate Action Group in Brooksville and Robert Shetterly’s Americans Who Tell the Truth project are hosting the 2019 Climate Convergence Conference on Saturday, July 20, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“We (Reversing Falls Sanctuary and Americans Who Tell the Truth) have been offering climate presentations and creating green initiatives for several years,” said Tony Ferrara, who is organizing the conference with Shetterly. “In speaking with many people during the conduct of these activities we have come to gain a better understanding of what is preventing our community from taking action about our current climate crisis.”

“Some folks know that CO2 is endangering life on Earth, but aren’t certain that human activity is causing it,” Ferrara said. “Other folks believe we are causing the problem, but it is too vast to do anything about it.”

“Most people we speak to locally now acknowledge that there is a serious climate problem and that we humans are accelerating it, but don’t know how to become part of the solution,” Ferrara said. “The Climate Convergence Conference addresses this problem and should encourage our community to actively engage this existential threat by defining some initiatives and roles.”

A central theme of the conference is to advocate for science-based climate policy.

Ferrara said the conference will “attempt to converge diverse organizations, the different generations, social and physical scientists and all persons who have grave concerns regarding the health of Earth and its trajectory.”

“It is this theme that has encouraged dozens of prominent organizations to support the event many of whom will be present at the conference staffing information tables and explaining their connection to our climate crisis,” Ferrara said.

There will be speakers addressing numerous issues surrounding climate change, including science, mitigation, adaptation and psycho-social aspects of climate change.

“The motivation for the conference is the desire for our community to be more engaged and networked in its response to our present climate crisis,” Ferrara said.

Rep. Chloe Maxmin (D-Nobleboro), a proponent of Maine’s Green New Deal, will offer a keynote address.

Several other elected officials plan to be in attendance, Ferrara said.

Speakers include Paul Mayewski, director of the Climate Change Institute at University of Maine, who will speak about what’s happening to the Earth’s climate.

Robin Alden and Ted Ames, co-founders of the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, will discuss what is happening with Maine fisheries.

There are about 10 additional speakers. See the full list at

Admission and lunch are free for youth but they must pre-register online.

Admission for everyone else is $10 plus $10 for a bag lunch or you may bring your own. Organizers encourage pre-registration.

For more information or to pre-register, visit


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