Bakeman Beach in Brooksville has been purchased by Maine Coast Heritage Trust and donated to the town of Brooksville, preserving its access to the public for recreation and fishing. PHOTO COURTESY OF MAINE COAST HERITAGE TRUST

Brooksville’s Bakeman Beach preserved for public use

BROOKSVILLE — The town of Brooksville is now the proud owner of the stretch of sand on Cape Rosier known as Bakeman Beach, thanks to a recent land conservation effort buoyed by local supporters and spearheaded by Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT), a statewide land conservation organization.

For decades, the beach on Weir Cove Road has been used by community members for swimming and picnicking, as well as for commercial fishing uses and seaweed gathering. Now the town of Brooksville owns the beach and, as part of the arrangement with the land trust, it will always stay open to public use.

The property that includes the beach was listed for sale a few years ago, which worried locals and selectmen that the beach might be purchased and closed to public access. However, in time, the sellers agreed to sell off just the beach to Maine Coast Heritage Trust with a goal of ensuring its availability for public use in the long term.

Speaking about the project, selectmen John Gray, Horace (Hal) Snow and Richard Bakeman commented: “It is wonderful to finally get a piece of land that town residents have always used, into town ownership. We’re grateful to Maine Coast Heritage Trust for making this conservation project possible. It will be available for the public’s enjoyment from now on, without any contention.”

The trust was able to get enough people with ties to the area to contribute to the project so that the full purchase price could be raised.

“We are very grateful to those donors who helped make this possible,” said Ciona Ulbrich, senior project manager for Maine Coast Heritage Trust, who served as the point person on this project over the years. “We can’t do this work without people who step up and help at whatever level they can.”

A special town meeting was held in late December where the town voted to accept the gift of the beach under a condition held by the land trust that guarantees that the public has the right to use the beach for recreational and fishing uses. The deed transferring the property to the town was recorded at the Registry of Deeds on Jan. 15.

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