More animals seized from Sorrento farm

SORRENTO — On Dec. 28, state animal welfare agents seized between 60 and 70 animals from a farm owned by Marc Calcia. Earlier that month, 44 animals were removed from Calcia’s property.

The latest sweep included one alpaca, two calves, four piglets, three goats, 10 rabbits and poultry. These were all of the animals that were left on Calcia’s farm.

Liam Hughes, the director of the state’s animal welfare program, sent out a statement by email on the investigation. He praised his department’s work, and said the animals that were seized are being sent to an undisclosed location to be treated by veterinarians.

“Humane agents and support staff worked in below freezing weather today to safely remove animals that were not being properly cared for by Mr. Calcia,” Hughes wrote.

Reached by phone on Friday, Hughes said the seizures were the result of the same investigation that led to the first set of animals being removed. During that initial action, state investigators noticed concerning conditions of these other animals, he said. When they returned this week, they found that the conditions had not improved.

In fact, Hughes said, Calcia had gotten more pigs to replace the ones that were seized during the Dec. 5 action.

“He got more pigs and put them back into the same situation that we removed the other pigs from,” Hughes said.

Calcia could not immediately be reached for comment.

Jack Dodson
Jack Dodson began working for The Ellsworth American in mid-2017, and covers eastern Hancock and western Washington counties. He grew up in the Mid-coast region before living in New York City for five years, where he freelanced in documentary filmmaking and journalism. He is particularly interested in criminal justice, environment and immigration reporting.

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