Woodlawn School Program thriving

ELLSWORTH — Woodlawn is celebrating another successful year of serving area students in its popular Woodlawn School Program.

According to Woodlawn Executive Director Joshua Torrance, “We are thrilled to report that nearly 1,000 students have participated in the Woodlawn School Program since January, and we have an additional 300 children scheduled for programs in December.”

The program has served students from Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Blue Hill, Dedham, Surry, Trenton, Steuben, Eastbrook and the Outer Island Schools.

Woodlawn’s signature program called Field Days serves about 600 students annually.

Woodlawn School Programs are funded through a designated Woodlawn Education Fund, which allows area schoolchildren to participate free of charge, including transportation. This fund is supported with proceeds from the Ellsworth Antiques Show held annually in August at Woodlawn.

Torrance said in addition to programming for students, Woodlawn also offers training for teachers through a biennial Woodlawn Teachers Institute.

“The goal of the program is to bring teachers together to work as a team to develop curriculum-based programs utilizing Woodlawn’s history, environs, and collections,” Torrance said.

The 2017 graduates were Ellsworth third grade teachers Lisa Backman and Torie LeBreton and Ellsworth eighth grade teachers Kiersten Jester and Lori Johnston. They were selected through an application process and received 20 hours of training.

For more information, visit www.woodlawnmuseum.org and watch the Woodlawn School Program video.

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