Wilson Hall Porch To Be Propped Up

BUCKSPORT — The town has hired a contractor to brace the porch that is crumbling off the back of Wilson Hall as a safety measure. Council members April 14 approved spending up to $750 for the repairs to the historic Middle Street building that was once part of the Eastern Maine Conference Seminary.

The town recently tax acquired the deteriorating property. Officials have initiated legal proceedings to confirm the town’s ownership.

Town Manager Roger Raymond said that if the court finds that the property belongs to the previous owner, Aaron Gleich, then Gleich will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

In other business, councilors discussed the attractive but apparently impractical faux brick crosswalks in town.

The crosswalks, which are imprinted in the pavement and painted to resemble brick, have not held up well and need to be repainted annually.

“We tried it out and it’s just not something I’d recommend again,” Raymond said.

The town paid about $20,000 to install the seven crosswalks and pays about $4,000 each year to repaint them.

Traditional white painted crosswalks, which also must be repainted often, cost about $3,000, Raymond said.

He recommended this summer be the last the town paints the imprinted crosswalks before switching to the traditional crosswalks.

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