Who stole the Christmas pig?

Children at a day care center in Bar Harbor are wondering what happened to this Christmas pig stolen on Dec. 15.

BAR HARBOR — The owner of a downtown day care center says she has just about lost all of her Christmas spirit after a much-loved decoration was stolen right out of her front yard.

Dawna Burton said that her light-up Christmas pig with antlers was not only the last one of its kind in the area, but was a big hit with the children at Dawna’s Day Care, which she runs out of her First South Street home.

“The kids loved it. Every day, they would say hello to it on the way in, and every day they would say goodbye to it on their way out,” Ms. Burton said.

But on the evening of Dec. 15, while Ms. Burton and her husband were out of the house for just a few hours, someone stole the light-up Christmas pig right out of the yard. And the Grinch-like move has just about sunk Ms. Burton’s holiday spirit, she said.

“I’m on strike now,” she told the Islander. “I’m not even turning on the Christmas lights.”

The antlered, sparkling Christmas pig was something Ms. Burton just had to have, she said. The day after Thanksgiving she found herself in a long line at Kmart in Bangor to get it and ended up with the last one in the store, right off the display.

“All my friends teased me because I stood on line for it for an hour on Black Friday,” she said. “But the kids really loved it.”

She reported the theft to the police the next day, but the investigation has so far turned up no leads. And the eight kids in Dawna’s Day Care have had to make do without their porcine holiday decoration.

“They all ask me every day where the pig’s gone,” Ms. Burton said, “and what can I tell them?”

Anyone with information about the pig can call police at 288-3391.

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Robert Levin

Robert Levin

Former reporter Robert Levin covered the people, businesses, governmental and nonprofit agencies of Bar Harbor. [email protected]