WERU Responds to Critic, Soldiers On


ORLAND — From the outset 25 years ago, radio station WERU set itself apart.

Based in the center of Orland, its stated mission is to “provide a community-based, noncommercial radio service for the people living in the areas covered by the station’s signal [and] broadcast programs designed to serve the needs of those not currently served by other broadcast media.”

WERU “will be the voice of many voices,” the mission statement concludes.

The station stands by that statement, even in light of recent criticism from a former volunteer in a recent letter to the editor.

That letter used terms such as “oblivious” and “complacent,” but WERU General Manager Matt Murphy doesn’t buy it, noting the diversity in both age and programming at the station.

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Amanda Greenberg

Former Ellsworth American reporter Amanda Greenberg joined the staff in October 2012 after graduating from the University of Maine in Orono. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Amanda moved to Maine when she was nine.