Working Waterfront Deadline Approaching

AUGUSTA — The deadline to apply for the round of disbursements for working waterfront funds is May 15, 2009.

During the application development phase, applicants are strongly encouraged to work closely with the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) Working Waterfront Team to assure that their project meets all the program criteria and that their application is complete. There are many individual facets to the application and the team is available to provide support and additional resources as needed to complete all of these pieces.

Applications received between January 16, 2009 and May 15, 2009 will be presented at the July 14, 2009 LMFB meeting, provided that monies still remain unallocated.

If the allocation of funds is approved, then the remaining due diligence work will ensue. How long this will take is dependent on how much was done for the application phase. It is likely that from allocation to covenant signing will take from six months to a year or more. Once the covenant has been signed, it will be a minimum of two weeks for the state to write a check. If this happens at the end of a fiscal year, it could be longer.

The Maine DMR, working with the Land for Maine’s Future (LMF) program, provides funds to help purchase, preserve and protect key properties on the coast that provide access to and support commercial fisheries activities.

Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

When Nicole isn't giving advice she's completely unqualified to give, she runs an Internet marketing company in Bar Harbor, where she lives with her husband Derrick and their short dog Gidget. She loves young adult novels, cooking and talking French to anyone who'll talk back. [email protected]