Linda Greenlaw’s new boat, Select, seen from the Surry shore. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY ETHAN GENTER

Surry captain expands her business with sleek new boat

SURRY — For the last few years, Linda Greenlaw, the Surry boat captain, lobsterman and author, has been doing more and more tours on Earnest, her 41-foot lobster boat.  

On that vessel, she’s been able to take six people out and show them the authentic Maine lobstering experience. But Greenlaw wanted to expand that part of her business and took the next step last week when she launched Select, a 58½-foot boat that will be used for tours and charters.  

“We’ve done really well with (Earnest) the last three years, doing tours and hauling traps commercially as well,” Greenlaw said. “So, to grow the business, I really needed another boat and I’ve been wanting a bigger boat to carry more people.” 

With the new vessel, Greenlaw can open up her tours beyond private groups to public sales and carry as many as 49 passengers.

Greenlaw’s husband is the owner of Wesmac Custom Boats in Surry, and she bought the boat from one of the boatyard’s customers. Wesmac spent the last year and a half refitting the boat, extending it to its current length and making it perfect for shepherding people around on the water. 

Greenlaw took it out on its maiden voyage with a group of women from Surry. She plans to run tours later this summer, including rides over to Bar Harbor and nighttime trips with an astronomer to look at the stars.  

One of the things that struck Greenlaw about her new boat is just how pretty it is. When it was in the Wesmac parking lot awaiting its launch, Greenlaw would drive by and be dumbfounded that she owned something that beautiful.

It’s not just the sleek lines either; it’s the only boat she’s ever seen with the color hull that it has, which is a shade somewhere between toothpaste mint and seafoam green. 

“She really is that nice,” Greenlaw said. “I go and run boats all over the world, and that is one special vessel right there. She is gorgeous.”  

It’s so pretty, in fact, that Greenlaw said she won’t be hauling traps on it. She will reserve it exclusively for tours and charters. 

Greenlaw never imagined herself as a two-boat owner and eventually would like to go back to owning just one boat — a vessel that could handle both larger tours and hauling traps. The new dual-purpose boat would likely have more fiberglass and a lot less teak.  

“But for now,” she said with a chuckle, “I’m going to enjoy the hell out of that boat.”   

Ethan Genter

Ethan Genter

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