Sunken Sailboat Found, Hauled Up

Crews from the Frenchman’s Bay Boating Company check the condition of the sailboat Nesoi after it was recovered where it sank in 30 feet of water in Frenchman Bay off Bar Harbor last week.

BAR HARBOR — A sailboat that sank in Frenchman Bay on Sept. 6 was located and hauled out of the water the afternoon of Sept. 12.

The 24-foot Nesoi was found just in the nick of time for hundreds of cruise ship visitors, who likely would have had to skip over Bar Harbor during their scheduled landing Thursday because of the hazard the underwater boat was deemed to have posed.

Coast Guard personnel had determined that the boat likely sat underwater in Anchorage B, just behind Bar Island. Their determination seemed to hold weight, as the Coast Guard is the organization that responded to the original distress call and were hauling the boat back to Bar Harbor when it sank.

The likely coordinates of the wreck that the Coast Guard provided were wrong, however, and the boat was found on the bottom far from the anchorage.

“It turned out the whole number was a ‘guestimate,’” said local diver and tour boat operator Ed Monat, who found the wreck.

Mr. Monat and his wife, Edna Martin, searched what they thought was the likely area for the wreck for three hours Wednesday before locating the Nesoi. They based their search on what they thought was the likely path the Coast Guard would have taken enroute to Bar Harbor with the damaged boat.

Mr. Monat found the boat while trawling the waters with his Starfish Enterprise during a three-hour slot between trips of his “Dive-in Theater” boat cruise.

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