Scallops Spawn Gold Rush

BLUE HILL — Fifty-five fishing vessels rushed to compete for scallops on a productive patch of ocean off Newbury Neck, just west of Mount Desert Island, the opening day of the season on Dec. 2, according to marine patrol officials.

“We had heard there was potentially upwards of 50 boats coming,” said John Lemoine, deputy harbormaster of Northeast Harbor. “We didn’t want to go over there and find 15 boats rafted off the docks.”

According to Mr. Lemoine, many of the fishing vessels have set up camp in area waters, dropping anchor and staying overnight near the Bartlett Landing area, Pretty Marsh, Seal Cove, and Bass Harbor.

In the newly created Zone 2, which encompasses MDI, each vessel is limited to 20 gallons or 185 pounds of scallop meat per day.

Prices for scallops are anticipated to hover around $10 per pound in the 2012-2013 season, according to area fishermen.

While new regulations do not call for meat counts in Zone 2, Lt. Sprowl said there would be a “strong marine patrol presence” overseeing fishing activities in the bay. He did not say if his officers would be boarding vessels.

“We’re hoping it remains quiet,” he said.

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