Scallopers Discuss Future at Ellsworth Meeting

ELLSWORTH — Hancock County scallopers met April 9 at Ellsworth City Hall to weigh in on the inevitable closures coming to the scallop industry during the 2009-2010 season.

Some objected to closing areas before polling fishermen to assess the best course of action.

Togue Brawn, Department of Marine Resources (DMR) resource management coordinator said DMR strongly advocates that scallopers talk to each other to determine what they want to do with each area fishing area and hammer out how they would like to do to manage those areas and then bring their proposals to the department for consideration.

A representative from Stonington stepped up and said they had a meeting of several fishermen from the Stonington area the previous night and they had come up with several areas that they would be willing to close voluntarily.

Some fishermen didn’t feel they had enough time to meet and discuss options while others disagreed.

One fisherman recommended that the DMR make conservation a mandatory part of having a license. The concept is that by making the people fishing the industry more responsible for the future of the industry through conservation measures, more people would show up at meetings to become involved in the management of the fishery.

Closures are imminent, according to Brawn, but people interested in influencing the future of the fishery still have a chance to participate.

“We only have until Nov. 17 to figure out what the scallop season is going to be.” Brawn said.

To get involved, contact Togue Brawn at the DMR: [email protected], or (207)624-6558.

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Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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