Regulators Add More Days at Sea to Inshore Herring Fishing Season

HALLOWELL — The Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission (ASMFC) gave herring fishermen and lobstermen a small present last week, but it may be hard to gauge just what is under the gift wrapping.

In a conference call Sept. 2, ASMFC herring section members from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts agreed to increase the number of days that fishermen can land herring caught in the near-shore area of the Gulf of Maine (Area 1A) from two to three each week. The limit on days when herring can be brought ashore was adopted as a conservation measure to ensure that herring would be available throughout the fall.

Bad weather has kept landings of herring between June and the end of August below targeted levels, so fisheries managers agreed to the 50 percent increase in fishing effort. They plan to confer again on Sept. 17 to assess the impact of the move.

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