• Dam owner contests cap on water levels

    ELLSWORTH — It’s all a matter of perspective. Last November, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a 400-plus-page draft environmental assessment for the application by Black Bear Hydro Partners LLC to renew its license to operate a hydroelectric project with two dams on the Union River. One is in downtown Ellsworth and impounds Leonard

  • DMR draws scant turnout for hearing on aquaculture rules

    DMR draws scant turnout for hearing on aquaculture rules

    ELLSWORTH — It might have been the stormy weather, but a hearing on the massive overhaul of the Department of Marine Resources’ aquaculture regulations drew only a small and quiet turnout to City Hall last Thursday afternoon. Ten shellfish and seaweed farmers listened as DMR Deputy Commissioner Meredith Mendelson explained that the proposed rule had

  • Garbo closing Connecticut processing plant

    STONINGTON — For the past 20 years or so, 18-wheel trucks bearing the Garbo Lobster logo on the side have been a regular sight on Maine roads, hauling ton upon ton of live lobsters from harbors along the Downeast coast to the company’s modern headquarters located on the harbor in Groton, Conn. By most accounts,

  • Seal rescued from Bayside Road

    Seal rescued from Bayside Road

    ELLSWORTH — A seal pup made its way onto the Bayside Road on Friday morning. “There’s a little brook across the street from where it was,” just past the Spindle Road, said Maine Marine Patrol Spc. Sean Dow, adding that he was told the waters were high after yesterday’s rain. “I’m assuming maybe it found

  • Island school’s boatbuilding  enlivens history, math studies

    Island school’s boatbuilding enlivens history, math studies

    CRANBERRY ISLES — This school year, Ashley Bryan School students on Little Cranberry Island are doing some of their history and math in a boatbuilding shop. The independent, nonprofit Islesford Boatworks has been leading summer boatbuilding programs for more than a decade. Last fall, Tony Archino, former executive director of Boatworks, led the first school-year

  • Elver rules get tougher

    Elver rules get tougher

    ELLSWORTH — Maine’s elver dealers will likely face stricter rules on where and how they do business when the 2019 fishing season gets underway. The fishing season for elvers opens March 22 and usually extends through June 7. Last year, though, the state closed the season two weeks early, on May 24. As a result

  • Marine Resources Committee open for business, sets Keliher confirmation hearing

    AUGUSTA — It’s a busy time for Maine’s newly organized 129th Legislature, with a new governor in the Blaine House, new committee chairs and nearly a thousand bills already filed for consideration, many of them sure to provoke controversy. The Marine Resources Committee has new co-chairs, Sen. Dave Miramant (D-Knox County) and Rep. Joyce McCreight

  • Planned seaweed farm reflects changes in Maine aquaculture

    Planned seaweed farm reflects changes in Maine aquaculture

    GOULDSBORO — When organized fish farming first came to Maine in the 1970s, the first crops were shellfish — primarily blue mussels and oysters — and the “sea farms” were pretty much limited geographically to the Damariscotta River and some of the more sheltered inlets on Vinalhaven. By the early ’80s, aquaculture had spread eastward,