Oyster lease approved

BLUE HILL — The Department of Marine Resources approved a 20-year, seven-acre aquaculture lease off Carleton Island in Blue Hill’s Salt Pond last week to a farmer already familiar with the area.  

Tightrope Seafarms, which already has leases in the pond, was approved for two tracts off the uninhabited island to grow oysters.  

Farm President Evan Young plans to grow oysters on the sea bottom on parcels south and southeast of the island, leaving a navigational channel in the deeper water. Because Tightrope will be growing these oysters directly on the bottom, there would be no gear involved beside marker buoys.  

The oysters would be planted from mid-summer through late fall and harvested throughout the year with divers, hand tools and/or a small dredge except when there is ice in the pond.  

In his application, Young wrote that he was basically moving from growing oysters to market size in cages to transferring juveniles from cages to the bottom until they get to market size. 

No one intervened in the case. 

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