Photo By Blake Davis

New boats get thumbs up

Photo By Blake Davis
Th e fi rst batch of new sailing dinghies jointly purchased by area sailing clubs, pictured, were tested by members of the Mount Desert Island High School sailing team on Monday aft ernoon. Th e lightweight hull construction and improved tackle are some of the features that make them faster and more agile than the traditional 420 design used in competitive youth sailing.

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — A sleek new fleet of sailing dinghies is getting the thumbs up from area high school students.

Eight lucky members of the Mount Desert Island High School sailing team tested the custom built vessels Monday afternoon. Despite light winds, one takeaway message was clear.

The new boats are a big improvement over the traditional 420 design commonly used in youth competitions. The team spent more than an hour testing the vessels while younger members used the older 420 models. Soon, there will be enough of the new sailing dinghies, jointly purchased by area boat clubs, to host other schools and summer regattas.

The clubs are waiting for 15 more of the custom boats, at a cost of $9,000 each, to be finished by Rondar Raceboats in Peabody, Mass. Six of the vessels arrived last week.

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