Photo By Liz Graves

Morris Regatta features fine sailing

Photo By Liz Graves

MOUNT DESERT — Crews aboard more than 20 boats up to 52 feet in length enjoyed clear skies and 5-10 knot winds for the 5th annual Tom Morris Memorial Regatta Sunday.

The race serves as a fundraiser for youth scholarships at the Mount Desert Island Community Sailing Center (MDICSC) and Northeast Harbor Sailing School.

Race Results

1        Hal Kroeger, Far Out, Morris 52

2        Michael Cook, Lynnette, Custom 47

3        T.R. Rolfes, Sidewinder, J 105

4        Kaighn Smith, Gaylark, Harbor 20

5        David Schoeder, Dakota, IOD

6        JT Roberts, Woodie, IOD

7        James Noyes, Sea Fever, Morris M42

8        Andrew Von Hirsch, Poppaea, Morris 45

9        Courtenay Jenkins, Eagle, IOD

10      Wells Bacon, MaryJane, Luders 16

11      Kenneth Weg, Ranger, Morris M42

12      Douglas Diehl, Consulting Time II, Morris 48

13      MDI Comm. Sailing, Surprise, Luders 16

14      Mark Kryder, Laney-Lu, Morris M36

15      Jack Kelley, Irrational Number, O Day 23-1

16      Fred Ford, J’Ellie Bean, IOD

17      Ward Mac Kenzie, Genevieve, Alerion Express28

18      Bryan Colket, Flying Fish, Morris M36

19      Pancho Cole, WB Etude, Luders 16

20      Scott Hirsch, Batty, Luders 16

21      Rick Wheeler, Ondine, Luders 16

22      Alec Gorianski, Triad, Luders 16

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