Luders Racing

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Jim Fernald is currently atop the leader board in the September series of Luders races sponsored by the Southwest Harbor Fleet.

Fernald has sailed SeaBee into first place for four races out of nine. During races eight and nine, he dropped to third while David Folger skippered VooDoo to two double bullets (two first places in a row) in races eight and nine.

VooDoo is currently in third place overall behind Wells and Mary Bacon sailing Mary Jane. Mr. Bacon has been steady at second place for races six through nine.

The final September Series results have yet to be tallied. This is the leader board as it stands by press time:

  1. Jim Fernald in SeaBee
  2. Wells Bacon in Mary Jane
  3. David Folger in VooDoo
  4. Treavor Dean in Grace
  5. David Schoeder in North
  6. Art Paine in Ludicrous
  7. Cole Pancho in Etude

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