Historical society proposes museum

VERONA ISLAND — The Verona Historical Society is raising money to purchase land for its future SS Roosevelt Discovery Museum.

Historical Society Board President Ken Cox sent a press release that said the society is soliciting tax-deductible donations to purchase land for the project.

The museum will focus on shipbuilding days of the 1800s, the history of Adm. Peary’s request that the SS Roosevelt be built by local boat builders as well as the Penobscot Narrows Bridge and Observatory and Fort Knox.

Back in 1904, the McKay & Dix Shipyard in Bucksport built the SS Roosevelt for the Peary Arctic Club. President Theodore Roosevelt had helped arrange a leave of absence from the Navy for Commodore R.E. Peary for polar explorations, Cox said.

“We need your help in acquiring the land,” Cox said in a press release. “The project will be able to help our entire area of Bucksport, Verona Island and all the towns around us. Our valuable history will be told, our area publicized to the tourists, and our children will have a chance to learn and be proud of their ancestry. Your donation will be listed on our donor wall with your permission.”

Cox stated in a capital campaign announcement that Karl Ward of Nickerson & O’Day is interested in the project, as is Bucksport architect Charles Earley of Lewis and Malm Architecture.

For more information, contact S.S. Roosevelt Discovery Museum, P.O. Box 847, Bucksport, ME 04416.

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