Elver prices rise

ELLSWORTH — The price for elvers has rebounded after it was down to about half of its peak before the pandemic. 

The price per pound for Maine’s small eels has gone up to $1,740 a pound from about $1,000 at the start of the season earlier this spring.  

Locally, the season got off to a slow start with cold and fast waters providing less-than-ideal conditions for the elvers.  

As of April 29, a total of 4,960 pounds of the state’s 7,566-pound quota had been caught. Combined with the catch from local tribes, dealers reported buying a total of 6,852 pounds of elvers for a total value of just shy of $12 million. 

The season started on March 22 and runs through June 1, unless the quota is hit earlier. Most of the eels will be destined for Asia. 

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