Downeast Race Weekend Results

MOUNT DESERT — Downeast Race Weekend, a collaboration between the Northeast Harbor Fleet and Kollegewidgwok Yacht Club (KYC) of Blue Hill, was held Aug. 12 to 14. The event is a cruising class race is open to Atlantics and International One Designs (IODs).

The event features KYC’s Nevin Cup and the NEHF’s August Cruise. The Nevin Cup is determined by best adjusted combined times for the two races on Saturday and Sunday. The August Cruise is scored on all three days of racing, Friday through Saturday, using the low point scoring systems.

Downeast Race Weekend (through race 3) overall results:

1. Hoi-An, a Center Harbor 50 owned by Marcus Heilner with a PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) of 54

2. Cybelle, an IMX 45 owned by David Rockefeller, Jr., with a PHRF of 15

3. Ariana, an Ohlson-41 owned Jeff Becton with a PHRF of 132

4. Sidewinder, a J-105 owned by Tom Rolfes with a PHRF of 90

5. Flirt, a J-100 owned by Michael Cook with a PHRF of 90

6. Rambling Rose, an Express-27, owned by Roger Shepley with a PHRF of 132

7. Far Out, a Morris 52 owned by Hal Kroeger with a PHRF of 69

8. Laney Lu, a Morris 36 owned by Mark Kryder with a PHRF of 123

9. Crackerjack, a Cambria 40 owned by Alan Krulisch with a PHRF of 117

10. Charade, a Morris 42 owned by Jack Brown with a PHRF of 84

11. Flying Fish, a Morris 36 owned by Bryan Colket with a PHRF of 132

12. Eventyr, a J-42 owned by Gordon Haaland with a PHRF of 81

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