Crew safe after boat sinks near Jonesport

JONESPORT — A lobster boat sank off the Downeast coast on Sunday.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the two fishermen on board abandoned the boat and were rescued by another fishing boat. No injuries were reported.

“There were two people on board the fishing vessel Overtimer, according to the Coast Guard’s Twitter account. “The boat was loaded with lobster traps when it took heavy waves and sank 11 miles off Jonesport. … Both people (were) recovered safely.”

On Sunday afternoon, the Coast Guard reported that the boat’s crew had donned “survival suits” before abandoning ship, and that they were recovered by a nearby fishing boat, Bad Behavior, which transported the survivors to shore.

The survivors, whom the Coast Guard would not identify because the sinking is under investigation, did not need medical attention, a spokesman said Sunday night.

The Coast Guard responded to the incident but did not need to attempt a rescue.

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