Cocktail of shrimp meetings on the schedule

PORTLAND — The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Northern Shrimp Section will meet in Portland on Thursday, Oct. 4, at the Maine Historical Society, 489 Congress St., to review the findings of the 2018 Benchmark Stock Assessment and Peer Review Report and consider its approval for management use.

The section also will review Draft Addendum I to the Northern Shrimp Fishery Management Plan and consider approving the document for public comment.

The draft includes provisions giving individual states the authority to allocate their state-specific shrimp quota between gear types in the event the fishery should reopen.

The ASMFC imposed a moratorium on shrimp fishing beginning with the 2014 season. Except for limited, scientific research purposes, the fishery has remained closed to commercial harvest.

In November, the commission’s Northern Shrimp Advisory Panel will meet to review the Benchmark Stock Assessment and make recommendations on the 2019 fishery specifications. The panel also will review public comment on Draft Addendum I and make recommendations on its preferred management alternative.

After the panel’s meeting, the section will review its recommendations, take final action on Addendum I and set specifications for the 2019 fishing season, if any. The date and location of the November meeting has yet to be determined.

The October meeting is open to the public. The draft agenda can be found at Information: contact Megan Ware at [email protected] or (703) 842-0740.

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