Blue Whales on Tour

BAR HARBOR — Blue whales are the longest, heaviest, and loudest animals on earth. A record-size blue whale can reach 98 feet and weigh 200 tons, and yet the lives of blue whales for the most part are still a great mystery to humans.

On Thursday, Oct. 13, longtime blue whale researcher Michael Fishbach will shed light on what is known about these mammals. He will present the lecture “Blue Whales of the Sea of Cortez” at 7 p.m. in College of the Atlantic’s Gates Community Center.

The talk is sponsored in part by Dr. Sean Todd, the Steven K. Katona Chair of Marine Sciences at the college.

Mr. Fishbach has spent nearly 20 years studying blue whales in Mexico, California and Canada. The Sea of Cortez, separating Baja, California from the Mexican mainland, serves as an important feeding and nursery area for blue whales.

“The world’s great whales face more serious threats today than at any time in the last 100 years from ship collisions, habitat destruction, chemical contamination, impacts on sonar communication, challenges to navigation, and increased hunting,” he explained. “If these magnificent animals are going to survive, they will need people to speak and work on their behalf.”

For more information on Flukes, on blue whale journeys to the Sea of Cortez or the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, or Mr. Fishbach’s talk at COA, contact Mr. Klyver at 460-9575 or at [email protected]

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