August Fleet Series Wraps Up, Fall Racing Starts

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Fleet racing for the Northeast Harbor Fleet (NEHF) enters its final week of competition this week while the Southwest Harbor Fleet (SWHF) extends its season into the fall with its September Series.


Southwest Harbor

On Aug. 18, the SWHF ran its Sweetheart Series racing. In the Bullseye class, Sam and Polly Lawrence on Alert took first place with a third and a first-place finish. With a first and a fourth-place finish, Ken and Ellen Brookes aboard Gandalf nabbed a second place overall in the series. Third in the class was JR and Caroline Roberts, who took second place in both races with Gumbo.

The Tempest class Sweetheart winners, Ken and Jane Fox, skippered Ariel to a win with a two bullets. Jim and Ann Kirshner had two seconds for a second place overall aboard Cynara. Kristin and Jonathan Hutchins placed third overall with Adagio getting two thirds in the individual races.

Only one entry was in the Luders class for the Sweetheart Series and that was newlyweds Ned and Anne Johnston who swept the series on Domino.

The SWHF Singlehand Series took place on Aug. 11. In the Luders class, Jim Fernald took two bullets for a first overall on See Bee. Ken Brookes, at the helm of Judge, took second place in the series. Alec Goriansky skippered Triad to a third-place finish overall. Tom Rolfes piloted Paladin to a fourth-place finish.

Charlie Hudson navigated Scotch Mist to the top spot in the Bullseye class. Sam Lawrence, Jr. took second with Alert, and Neil Houghton placed third aboard First Step.

The August Series wrapped up for the SWHF with Jack Kelley and Irrational # ending up at the top of the heap in the Tempest class as he totaled eight points in the seven-race series. Ken Fox took second place aboard Ariel with 10 points. Mary-Anna Fox placed third with 20 points. Rounding out the competition were Kristin Hutchins in fourth and Jim Kirshner in fifth.

Mr. Johnston garnered the series win in the Luders class aboard Domino with 7 points. Bill Knowlton skippered Fiona to a second-place finish overall with a score of 19 points. Wells Bacon took third aboard Mary Jane also with 19 points.

The remainder of the fleet ended the series in the following order: 4) Ken Brookes, Judge-24 points, 5) Maggie Bacon, Spirit-24, 6) Liana Folger, Voodoo-26, 7) Jim Fernald, See Bee-32, 8) Mathew Baird, Seawolf-46, 9) MDI Sailing Center, Surprise-54, 10) David Schoeder, North-62, 11) Tom Rolfes, Paladin-67, 12) Trevor Dean, Grace-71, 13) Fred Ford, Watermelon-76, 14) Alec Goriansky, Triad-77, 15) Jonathan Weiss, Falcon-83. Other sailors who competed but did not qualify for a finish due to too few races were: Andrew Nyhart-Altair, Bill Eacho-Sea Biscuit, Pancho Cole-Etude, Tim Oh-Buttercup, Diana Paine-Ondine.

Mr. Houghton and First Step were a step ahead of Mr. Roberts and Gumbo to take first place in the Bullseye class with 7 and 13 points respectively. Mr. Hudson took third aboard Scotch Mist with 19 points. The rest of the Bullseye fleet finished in the following order: 4) Sam Lawrence, Jr., Alert-26 points, 5) Mike Shaus, Scout-27, 6) Chris Hopkins, Lil Mo-34. Other competitors were: Gary Adams-Squirt, Bob McKown-Time Out.

The August Junior Bullseye Series went to James Paolino with a total of 7 points. Nick Hill secured the runner-up position with a total of 9 points. Third-place Jack Kelley Willis was one point behind Mr. Hill with 10 points for the series. The remainder of the field lined up with: 4) Nina Saxenian-14 points, 5) Connor Ratcliff-14, 6) Sean Beaulieu-15, 7) Natalie Overton-16, 8) Sam Morris-17, 9) Oliver Jay-18.

Northeast Harbor

On Aug. 17 the NEHF raced for one of the oldest trophies in America, the Hayward Cup. The race has been held every year since 1925 and is named after the NEHF’s first commodore, George Davenport Hayward. The race is a performance handicap racing fleet race that assigns a different speed rating to each boat, which is used to determine a boat’s start time. The start is then staggered with the slower boats starting first and the first boat to cross the line wins the race.

Mathew Baird and his legacy Luders L16 Seawolf took first place. L16 Voodoo, with David Folger at the helm, took second place. It was a day for the Luders as Andrew Nyhart skippered Altair to a third-place finish.

The rest of fleet finished: 4) Aurora, IOD, Sandro Vitelli, 5) Gambler, IOD, John Henry, 6) Paladin, L16, Tom Rolfes, 7) Aurora, IOD, Gary Madeira, 8) First Step, Bullseye, Bob Johnstone, Neil Houghton, 9) Woodie, IOD, J.H. Roberts, 10) Gandolph, Bullseye, Laura and Peter Welles, 11) Satin Doll, IOD, Sydney Roberts-Rockefeller, 12) Norembega, Mercury, George Kroeger, 13) Messy Wind, Mercury, Parker and Bobby Brown.

The 2010 NEHF championships started on Aug. 25. The fleet championship is a single-handed race in which contenders sail Mercuries with either just a mainsail or a mainsail and a jib depending on weather conditions. The racers sail in two elimination races with the top three moving on to the final championship race in a winner take all showdown.

Twelve boats started the race in rain and strong northeasterly winds of 20 to 25 knots. The weather continued to degrade as the rain and winds increased during the first of two elimination rounds. Racing was delayed until the following day.

On day two, the winds were light and out of the west. After the second elimination round, the grand finale started under diminishing westerly winds and a severe ebb tide.

Mia Brown got out to a good start and maintained a sizeable lead around both marks until the breeze dropped out. NEHF Commodore Bob Johnstone and Ned Johnston managed to mitigate the effect of the tide to overtake Ms. Brown at the end of the race. With 20 yards left the wind died again and a small puff enabled the commodore to take the bullet.

The next group to cross was grateful that the windless race was finally over. Mr. Johnston, Mia and Bob Brown, Stewart Craig, and Solomon Krevans all agreed to be tied for second place.

Other sailors who raced were: David Schoeder, Linda Reeve, Parker Brown, Mike Bienkowski, Philip Koch, and Sandro Vitelli.

The August Series also wrapped up for the NEHF and David Rockefeller, Jr. and the team on Tundra secured two bullets and a second-place finish in the last four races to edge past Mr. Vitelli and Aurora to earn the win by a score of 24 to 27 respectively. John Henry and Gambler placed third overall with a bullet on the final race and an overall score of 30 points.

Subsequent finishers were: 4) Scott Redmon, Firefly-45 points, 5) Solomon Krevans, Gosling-54, 6) Bill Dowling, Mischief-63, 7) Jason Ingle/Vern Daniels, Dram-67, 8) Gary Madeira, Auriga-67, 9) Fred Ford, J’Ellie Bean-78, 10) Courteny Jenkins, Eagle-92, 11) David Schoeder, Dakota-100, 12) Charles Wray, Icicle-105, 13) Nicholas Schoeder, Puff-119, 14) Sydney Roberts-Rockefeller, Satin Doll-126, 15) Jean Burden, Cygnet-129, 16) John Roberts, Woodie-131, 17) Zuckeman family, Dark Star-134, 18) Cuyler Morris, Humlen-145, 19) James Loutit, Top Cat-180.

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