Verona Island Democrat announces House candidacy

VERONA ISLAND — Ron Russell, a Democrat from Verona Island, has announced his candidacy for House District 17, which includes the towns of Bucksport, Orland, Penobscot and Verona Island.

“My roots and my family’s roots are in these towns,” Russell said. “The people here are proud, resilient, independent, and care for each other. These places have sustained me, and I want to work hard for every citizen to make progress in common challenges that will create better lives for all in our four towns and our state.

“Throughout my life in all its manifestations, son, husband, father, grandfather, businessman, volunteer, and now a candidate, I’ve tried to listen to others, really hear what they had to say, be fair, understand what challenges people face, act in ways to help them meet those challenges, and support the rights of all people in an equal and passionate way.”

Russell worked at Darling’s for 42 years and was in a senior executive management position when he retired in 2018.

“We are lucky,” the candidate said. “I think all Mainers have a sense of fairness, equality and justice. Sometimes we don’t let each other see it, but I believe it’s there. My life has given me many experiences that can help bring that to light.

“Then by working together, we’ll get things done and make the real progress we all want towards a better future. This is why I’m running to represent every person in Bucksport, Orland, Penobscot and Verona Island.”

Russell has local support.

“I have always admired Ron for his selfless dedication to his family, his employer, and his community,” said Bill Tymoczko of Verona Island.

“Ron is thoughtful, helpful, energetic, honest and trustworthy,” said Sen. Kimberley Rosen of Bucksport.

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