Union 93 seeking info from families

BLUE HILLSchool Union 93 students receive free breakfast and school lunch, but Superintendent Reg Ruhlin would like families to fill out forms for the purpose of collecting household income data, which helps the school district qualify for other funding programs.

“We encourage your family to participate in the school meals programs,” Ruhlin said. “The application requesting economic information supports many programs at our schools, which helps reduce the local tax. Please complete and return the forms. Only one per family is needed.”

All students will have the opportunity to be served breakfast and lunch at no charge at Blue Hill Consolidated School, Brooksville Elementary School, Adams School, Penobscot Community School and Surry Elementary School.

For additional child nutrition information, contact Jeanne Dennison in the Superintendent of Schools Central Office by calling 374-9927 or via email: [email protected].

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