This image was created by a Mount Desert Elementary School Student Rachel Jacobs for a COA Earth Day poster.

Trash Fair Day Planned

BAR HARBOR — Elementary schools on Mount Desert Island and Trenton are working on projects aimed at reducing waste, boosting recycling, and increasing awareness about protecting our environment with Trash Fair Day on Friday, April 17 the day before Earth Day.

This image was created by a Mount Desert Elementary School Student Rachel Jacobs for a COA Earth Day poster.
This image was created by a Mount Desert Elementary School Student Rachel Jacobs for a COA Earth Day poster.
The Acadia Disposal District, Eastern Maine Recycling, and the Bar Harbor Department of Public Works are sponsoring a day to encourage these aims.

College of the Atlantic’s Earth Day celebrations will be held the next day, on Saturday, April 18. Some of the local school projects will be on display there, while others may be seen at the individual schools.

Conners-Emerson School

Bar Harbor

A school-wide outdoor clean up is set for April 17. All classes will participate in the afternoon and 7th and 8th grade students will offer their services to the younger students. Grades 3,4,6,7,and 8 are all involved in planning garden projects.

Third graders will do storm drain stenciling to help protect water resources. Fifth graders have approached Earth Day through writing and literature. They have written a series of letters to Mother Nature, Life, and/or Earth.

Sixth graders will be reorganizing energy patrols of the school to monitor energy use and advise classes on how to reduce usage.

Mount Desert Elementary

Northeast Harbor

Students have several projects under way related to the goals of Trash Fair/ Earth Day. The week of April 13 – April 17 is “A Green Arts Week.” There will be workshops, art activities, performances and exhibits at the school, including art objects made of trash such as building things of cardboard paper towel tubes, and printing designs on old t-shirts that might otherwise have been thrown away. There will be displays and an assembly at 1:30 p.m. on the Friday. Visiting artist Nan Ulett will be helping students make “found object” sculptures. Students in grades 4 – 6 have drawn posters to exhibit at COA’s Earth Day, on the theme of “What On Earth Are You Doing?” Grade 3 is exploring the environmental problems caused by plastic shopping bags and will be getting a reusable shopping bag from their community partner, Hannaford, for every family in the school. Grades 4 – 8 are writing poems about trash, waste, found objects and recycling in their Language Arts classes.

Science teacher, Brian Cote and tech coordinator, Wendell Oppewall, will be working with 6th-8th grade students to create “Green Power Bikes” for the school, using donated old exercise bikes, which they will modify to enable them to charge batteries. Some students have also formed a Recycling Team to help recycle white paper every week. 6th graders are working on a service learning project with the goal of getting every school family to install at least one Compact Fluorescent bulb.

Pemetic School

Southwest Harbor

8th graders have been looking into recycling at school and wondering where it all goes. Recently, two students, a teacher and the principal joined the Southwest Harbor waste prevention committee.They are planning to help educate the community on ways they can help with recycling.

Students are making “No Idling” signs to discourage people from idling vehicle engines unnecessarily. Several Pemetic students traveled to Portland with MDES students in March to present this and another service learning project at a statewide service learning student summit held at the Univ. of Southern Maine.

Tremont Elementary School

A total of 46 students in art classes are producing sculptures from what would otherwise be “trash.”. They will be on display in the school lobby after spring break. The 6th grade collected data on the trash their classroom produced for a week. The resulting graph is displayed in the school lobby.

Trenton Elementary School

As the school already has a recycling program in place, they will be continuing to educate the students in this direction.

The entire school will be taking part in an “Earth Day-Going Green” all day Friday, April 17. Students will be rotating through various activities that educate, enlighten and expand their knowledge about how we can live a more earth friendly life. Activities will run from 8:30 a.m – 3 p.m.

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