Schoodic group awards $27K in grants for 2017

GOULDSBORO — The Schoodic Community Fund Board voted in August to award 11 grants to various local causes in 2017, totaling $27,274 in gifts, according to Roger Bowen, the chairman of the board.

This year marked the board’s largest-ever contribution to the community, increasing on last year’s awards by about $7,000.

The fund was created in 2010 to improve life for residents on Schoodic Peninsula. The fund solicits funding for its endowment from the public, private foundations, corporations and government entities.

Bowen said prudent investments by the Maine Community Foundation, which oversees the Schoodic Community Fund, helped grow the group’s endowment. He said he expects the amount awarded each year to continue growing.

He said community contributions came from 200 individual donations and a $50,000 grant from Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

“The board set $1 million in endowment as its fundraising goal over the next several years,” he said. “SCF’s endowment is currently well over $600,000.”

The awards this year are:

  • $1,300 to the Winter Harbor Public Library to help make historical information about the town available to the public.
  • $3,300 to Dorcas Library for new computers and technology infrastructure.
  • $7,000 to the Peninsula School to complete a three-year grant program that supplies all K-2 students with iPads.
  • $1,050 to the Peninsula School’s Principal’s Discretionary Fund to help meet particular needs of students.
  • $2,500 to the Peninsula School Parents-Teachers Committee for a weekend food backpack program to ensure food security.
  • $2,674 to the Schoodic Institute for two water bottle filling stations on the campus.
  • $1,500 to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital for prescription drug assistance to low-income Schoodic residents;
  • $2,500 to the town of Gouldsboro to help build a new town park;.
  • $2,000 to Schoodic Arts for All to assist its community programming.
  • $1,450 to the Gouldsboro Historical Society to help preserve its rare maps collection.
  • $2,000 to Frenchman Bay Research Boating for staff support for on board research and education.
  • Additionally, the board authorized assistance to both towns’ heating and power funds if funding is needed.

In the past seven years the Fund has awarded $93,000 in grants, Bowen said.

“The Schoodic Community Fund allows the residents of the peninsula to invest in their own community in ways that will demonstrably improve the quality of life for Schoodic residents,” the fund’s website reads. “Effectively, the SCF is self-taxation for the sake of the community but decides for itself, without government involvement, how the funds can best be used. Because only a small percentage of the endowment is spent in any one year, the Fund will continue indefinitely to assist future generations of Schoodic residents.”

The board is made up by Bowen, Lucille Anderson, Frank Chudnow, Edith Dixon, Mary Dyer, Rick Hauck, Howard T Howard, Megan Moshier, Roberta Parritt, Vicki Rea, Andrew Somes, Sike Summerer, Paul Tracy, Mary Lou Weaver and Joe Young.

Jack Dodson
Jack Dodson began working for The Ellsworth American in mid-2017, and covers eastern Hancock and western Washington counties. He grew up in the Mid-coast region before living in New York City for five years, where he freelanced in documentary filmmaking and journalism. He is particularly interested in criminal justice, environment and immigration reporting.

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