An old barn was demolished this week as Families First Community Center renovates an old Victorian farmhouse at 41 North St. for use as a homeless shelter for families with minor children. New construction will be completed on the same footprint. PHOTO BY SAMANTHA COFFIN

Renovation progressing at Families First Community Center

ELLSWORTH — This week the Families First Community Center made noticeable progress on the renovation of the shelter at 41 North St. as the barn and a two-story addition were demolished.

“Interior renovations have been happening for a couple months,” said Dawn Coffin, board president of Families First. “But tearing off the barn is the first time that people in the neighborhood have actually seen the progress.”

Sunkaze Project Solutions handled the demolition work.

The shelter will have apartments for six homeless families with minor children, child care, a classroom, two offices. It will provide also life skills classes and outreach to the community.

Volunteers to help in the renovation process are still needed. The house is expected to open in the autumn. For more information or to volunteer, contact Families First at 460-3711 or [email protected]

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