Recent gifts bolster GSA industrial tech classes

BLUE HILL — Generous gifts made by three companies and George Stevens Academy teacher Corey Esposito, a 1987 GSA graduate, will benefit Intro to Metals, Design Tech and Advanced Engines courses at the school.
The teacher, who owns Esposito’s Welding and Fabrication in Surry, found out about gift opportunities from Ted Harris, an account manager at Airgas in Bangor.
“[Ted] told me that Airgas and Hypertherm love to help out schools with their welding programs because there is a huge shortage of welders right now,” Esposito said. “They want to help students get interested in a possible career in welding.”
Airgas gave welding machines valued at $6,500 to the program.
“Last year, we had four welders, two of which didn’t work very well. We got five new machines with the grant,” Esposito said. “I donated two welding benches, so we now have five welding stations. This is going to be very helpful because more students are able to weld at one time. Plus, they are using state-of-the-art equipment.
“We also got some new welding curtains, so I’m able to set up the welding booths so no one has to walk behind someone when they are welding. This will be much safer.”
Another gift to the school was a Powermax 45 donated by Hypertherm. The plasma cutter, valued at $2,100, will make fabrication of projects “easier and quicker,” Esposito said.
A second gift from Airgas was made in October. Harris invited Esposito to come to Bangor to pick up equipment and supplies that Airgas had set aside to give to welding programs in Maine.
The donation, including hundreds of items from gloves to welding masks to grinders to safety glasses, first-aid kits, and more, is valued at more than $12,000. Students in Esposito’s Intro to Tech class helped the teacher inventory the gift.
“I am so excited for GSA right now,” Esposito said. “Not only did we get all this equipment, but we also have Airgas and Hypertherm as resources of information and discounted supplies and equipment because we are a school.”
In addition to the welding-related gifts, GSA also received a donation from Hinckley Yachts. The Southwest Harbor builder of luxury powerboats and sailboats gave two diesel engines worth $750 to GSA that Esposito will use in his Advanced Engines class.
Gifts like these help GSA prepare students for careers in growing industries in the local area.

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