Rangers Rescue woman with broken Leg

ACADIA NATL PARK — Fifteen rescuers assisted in the carryout of a 52-year-old woman with a fractured right leg from near the summit of Acadia Mountain on Nov. 3.

According to Ed Pontbriand, Acadia National Park search and rescue coordinator, the hiker tripped and stumbled on several rocks near the summit. But because she was an experienced hiker on the island, had all the right equipment and apparel, and was hiking with another person, Mr. Pontbriand said, the rescue had a good outcome.

“The highest risk hikers are the ones who are solo,” he said. “If you don’t have cell phone coverage, you either have to wait it out or crawl out.”

Eight national park rangers, five people from Mount Desert Search and Rescue group, and two people from the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service were enlisted to help.

“We don’t have the staff this time of year,” Mr. Pontbriand said. “Most of our seasonal staff has left. We had to scramble to find enough people for the carryout. We could have used at least six more.”

Rescuers had to incorporate technical carryout techniques during the descent and were forced to use ropes and put the stretcher on belay while traversing steep areas of the mountain.

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