State House District 35 Candidates

District includes Bar Harbor, Cranberry Isles, part of Mount Desert (east side) and Southwest Harbor.

Brian L. Hubbell

Age: 56

Residence: Bar Harbor

Party: Democrat

Present Employment: Self-employed project manager

Highest Level of Education Completed: Degree in architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: School board member (eight years)

Why Are You Running for Office?

In my four terms as a school board representative, I’ve fought for our schools — both to improve them locally and to defend them in Augusta against many forces that would distance Maine schools from their communities.

I’m proud of those accomplishments and gratified when other districts now look to our schools for models for better ways to educate.

Commitment to public education has always been central to our district’s identity. Our schools are good wholly because our communities value them. In turn, good schools underpin much of what brings families and investment to Maine communities. As long as citizens continue to refer to them with satisfaction as “our” schools, those charged with managing Maine’s schools will know they are doing their work properly.

As a candidate, over the past half year I’ve called on well over a thousand households and, in those conversations, I’ve clearly heard several things.

First, people understand that in a lightly populated state with closely connected communities, civic involvement and citizen voice remain perhaps our greatest assets. Fear of losing authorship of our future underlies every concern I’ve heard across the full political spectrum.

Second, overwhelmingly people understand that the problems that we face are nuanced, complex, and not well represented by ideological division. Here, person to person, the national narrative that we are fundamentally divided by politics is simply not accurate.

Third, people understand that Maine’s future must be built outward from our shared ethic for decency, innovation, entrepreneurship and hard work.

Most Maine people strive for self-reliance and want only a decent opportunity to earn a living. Maine does a reasonable job of providing an emergency social safety net to meet short-term hardship. But ultimately the most cost-effective course for the state is to enact policies that expand opportunities for those in need to return to self-reliance. Toward this end, I believe that education and early health care offer the best return on public investment.

Maine must renew its commitment to the promise of all levels of education to sustain a work force of competent, adaptable critical thinkers who can work collaboratively to solve increasingly challenging problems.

Properly managed and funded, Maine’s community and technical schools, colleges and universities are capable of meeting our needs. Locally, established institutions such as the Jackson Lab are leading lights in globally significant research. And, at the root, Maine still has communities and a connected way of life which attract families.

We need to recognize and amplify these assets, not mischaracterize them as failures.

I believe that when Maine people have a real voice in government, they happily support common purpose and know that their well-being is linked to the well-being of their neighbors and fellow citizens.

We face real challenges: educating our children for a rapidly changing world, growing new classes of good jobs, managing health care costs and navigating a more stable energy future.

Working together with mutual respect, resourcefulness, intelligence and compassion, I believe we can meet those challenges.

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Paul A. Paradis

Age: 47

Residence: Bar Harbor

Party: Republican

Present Employment: Owner and president of Paradis True Value in Bar Harbor

Highest Level of Education Completed: B.S. in business education with a concentration in finance from Babson College

Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: Bar Harbor town councilor (serving third term)

Why Are You Running for Office?

I am the second-generation owner of Paradis True Value in Bar Harbor. The company was founded by my parents in 1972. I grew up in Bar Harbor, worked in the family business throughout my school years, and graduated from Mount Desert Island High School in 1983.

I am a U.S. Coast Guard aviation veteran and a graduate of Babson College. My wife, Beth, and I have been married for 23 years. Our 15-year-old daughter, Hannah, is a sophomore at MDI High School and also works in our family business.

I serve as chairman of Bar Harbor’s Cruise Ship Committee. I also serve as the town’s representative to work with state, federal and Canadian officials to retain the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal as a public maritime facility. My leadership has resulted in steady progress and has helped me forge many local, state and federal contacts that will be essential in representing the people of District 35 in Augusta.

In my capacity as the chairman of Bar Harbor’s Cruise Ship Committee, I have worked hard getting Maine products on visiting cruise ships. Assembling and working with a team of people, we successfully sold locally caught lobster to these ships — they were previously serving processed lobster from Canada. All indications are that these sales will continue and potentially expand.

My record shows that I can work with others. Working with the cruise ship industry, my leadership helped Bar Harbor improve services provided to visiting ships and account for their costs. This accounting resulted in Bar Harbor recouping these costs from the cruise industry instead of taxpayers. I will continue to work for results like this in Augusta.

Using published Maine State Planning Office data, District 35 accounts for more than 1.49 percent of total Maine sales tax revenues. Furthermore, District 35 accounts for 11.35 percent of Maine’s total lodging tax revenues. With annual lodging retail sales of $73.9 million, District 35 is the third-largest contributor to Maine lodging tax revenues. District 35 is a vital part of Maine’s economic engine and should be represented by someone who understands the district’s economy. I am that candidate.

As a small business owner, I understand what it takes to grow a business to create year-round jobs. I know the challenges that Maine’s businesses and citizens face and will work hard to address them. I ask for your vote on Nov. 6 — not because of any party affiliation, but because my record shows that I work hard and get results. I want to, and will, work across the aisle. It’s the only way to get consensus and lasting results.

Bar Harbor is where I live, work and play. I appreciate our natural beauty and vibrant economy. I am running to ensure that they are both protected and enhanced so that future generations, like my daughter, can be fortunate enough to build careers here at home in this great state.

Please contact me at 288-8995 or via e-mail at [email protected] with your input.

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