Ellsworth House Candidate Appeals Denial of Funding

ELLSWORTH — City Councilor Matthew Boucher, a Republican candidate for the state House of Representatives, was denied Clean Election campaign funding last month because he missed the filing deadline by 30 minutes.


But the fault lies with others, he said Tuesday.

Boucher is appealing the decision of the state Commission of Governmental Ethics saying his tardiness was the result of errors on the part of the Ellsworth assistant city clerk, Amanda Parsons, and misinformation communicated to him by an Ethics Commission staffer.

Candidates seeking Clean Election status must demonstrate the viability of their candidacies by securing at least 60 signatures accompanied by contributions of $5 from registered voters in their district.

Once Clean Election status is conferred by the state Ethics Commission, the candidate qualifies for public funding of his campaign.

At stake, Boucher said, was $1,100 in public money for his primary campaign. He will face fellow Republican Michael Povich in the June 8 state primary election.

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