E-Mails Show Planner Exit Was Involuntary

BAR HARBOR — Former town planner Anne Krieg’s separation from the town, which became official on July 27, was not an act of her choosing, according to e-mails obtained via a Freedom of Information request filed by the Mount Desert Islander.

Writing to a number of colleagues in the days leading up to her departure, Ms. Krieg characterized the situation as “unfortunate” and made clear that she was being pushed out.

“I have just been put on administrative leave. It was not my choice. There have been many controversial situations here in Bar Harbor.” Ms. Krieg wrote to colleague Adam Ploetz on July 19, just hours before the town council met in executive session to discuss the situation.

“I am devastated and speechless,” Ms. Krieg told colleague Stan Deno that same day. “We can discuss this on another e-mail…or by phone later when you have the time.”

Ms. Krieg began telling people as early as July 15 that she was facing a separation from the town.

“I will tell you privately and do not share this – I am about to be served a severance package on Monday,” she wrote to colleague Matt Nazar that day.

“It’s going to be discussed in executive session on Tuesday – the proposed separation agreement comes to me Monday,” she wrote to friend and warrant committee member Mike Gurtler, on July 19.

After refusing to comment on the situation for days, town manager Dana Reed announced on July 27 that Ms. Krieg had left her job as planning director.

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Robert Levin

Robert Levin

Former reporter Robert Levin covered the people, businesses, governmental and nonprofit agencies of Bar Harbor. [email protected]