Police investigating recent rash of residential break-ins

ELLSWORTH — A rash of burglaries, attempted burglaries and thefts has been reported in rural areas of the city recently, and police said the investigation into the crimes is an “extremely active” one.

Seven such incidents were reported in the past week, five of them on the Happytown Road. Police Chief Chris Coleman said there have also been incidents on Winkumpaugh Road recently.

Just before noon on Nov. 5, a woman who lives on a small road off of Happytown Road heard a noise outside the house and went to see what it was.

“She observed a man trying to get in through a window,” Coleman said. When the would-be-burglar realized someone was home, Coleman said, he fled the scene and did not gain entry to the house.

Two other break-ins on Happytown Road were reported that evening, likely discovered when residents returned home. A third burglary was reported the following day, and is believed to be connected to the incidents of the day before.

Coleman said given the timeframe and the geographic proximity, police are working on the belief that the Happytown Road break-ins are “most likely related.”

“Detective [Dotty] Small has taken a coordinating role in the investigation,” he said on Tuesday afternoon.

He noted the reason Small was not able to speak about it herself at that time was because she was out of the office working on the case.

Coleman said officers are also working to see if the break-ins in Ellsworth are related to similar incidents in other nearby communities. Ellsworth police are working with other law enforcement agencies to help make that determination.

Other similar incidents reported in the past week in Ellsworth include:

  • A case on the Gary Moore Road on Nov. 4 in which money and prescription medication were reported stolen from a home.
  • On Nov. 7, mail was reportedly stolen from a residence on the Happytown Road.

Homeowners should be sure to lock the doors to their homes at night and whenever they leave home, Coleman said. Vehicles also should be locked.

If residents see something unusual — an unfamiliar vehicle or suspicious-looking individuals — they should call police and report that. Coleman said some residents have already done that and it has proven helpful for police.

“There are lots of leads we’re running down,” he said. “Some of those have come from the public.”

Ellsworth police can be reached by calling 667-2168.

Steve Fuller

Steve Fuller

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