James Straub

Partial Fence Replacement Scheduled at South Blue Hill Cemetery

James Straub
This memorial rock honoring John Roundy, one of Blue Hill’s earliest settlers, lies just outside the perimeter fence at the South Blue Hill Cemetery. The monument was moved from inside the cemetery in 1938 to make room for graves.

BLUE HILL — Twisted, rusted and broken, the metal wire fence that surrounds the South Blue Hill Cemetery will receive some attention this summer, but only as much as the cemetery association can afford.

A portion of the fence, which hasn’t been repaired since 1969, will be replaced this month with vinyl fencing to resemble a white picket fence.

Dennis Robertson, president of the South Blue Hill Cemetery Association, said 156 feet of fence — roughly half of the total — will be replaced at a cost of $3,863.

He said two appeal letters sent to South Blue Hill residents and heirs of people buried in the cemetery yielded $4,555 in donations.

Association Treasurer Dolly Robertson said it will cost more than twice the initial payment to replace the entire fence because the project also includes replacement of three gates in the fence.

Association members are hoping area residents and summer visitors will contribute to the project, which Dolly Robertson said is being done to improve the aesthetics of the cemetery, a prominent landmark on Route 175 between Blue Hill and Brooklin.

Dennis Robertson said the association chose to replace the metal fence with a classic “gothic scalloped style” fence that better reflects the sanctity of a cemetery.

“It is a resting place for residents of Blue Hill Neck, commonly called South Blue Hill and the area where the town was founded,” he said.

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James Straub

Reporter at Ellsworth American
Former Ellsworth American reporter James Straub covered the towns on Deer Isle and the Blue Hill Peninsula. He lives in Brooklin.