Paid Firefighter Approved

MOUNT DESERT — Creation of a second full-time, paid, firefighter position was approved by citizens at a special town meeting Monday.

Residents voted 60-47 to approve the board of selectmen’s decision to transfer $20,000 from the town’s undesignated funds account to pay for the position for the remainder of this fiscal year.

Fire chief Mike Bender said, following the vote, that he hopes to fill the job before the end of the year. Currently, he is the only full-time, salaried member of the fire department.

Selectmen voted Oct. 18 to create a second full-time position to provide better fire coverage during the workweek, when many of the department’s volunteers are unavailable, and to relieve the volunteers of some of the burden of testing and maintaining equipment. Voter approval was needed for the transfer of money to fund the position this year.

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