Out-of-state Newspaper Distribution Continues Uninterrupted

ELLSWORTH — Hancock County residents hooked on reading The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and other out-of-state newspapers on their publication date can rejoice: same-day delivery to area stores will continue uninterrupted.

The delivery system was in jeopardy last week, as Magazines Inc. of Bangor planned to end the distribution service it had provided for 40 years on March 25.

Magazines Inc. is being sold to Hudson/RPM of Massachusetts, but the company had been reluctant to continue the newspaper portion of the distribution company.

Ralph Foss, president of Magazines Inc., said last week that he was negotiating with Hudson/RPM and another entity to distribute out-of-state newspapers in eastern and northern Maine.

By Monday morning, March 26, a solution was in place.

In a statement sent to stores throughout the county, Foss announced that he has “decided to support Hudson/RPM in its efforts to deliver newspapers in this area.”

Foss said Magazines Inc. would continue to deliver several of the out-of-state newspapers for the next several weeks until Hudson/RPM takes over.

Other out-of-state newspapers, such as The New York Times and USA Today, have opted to have their products distributed by Fall River News Co. of Massachusetts.

Jody Colson, owner of Mike’s Country Store in Ellsworth, said she is familiar with Fall River News because it has delivered the Portland Press Herald in the past.

She said the change has been good in one respect “because The New York Times has arrived before 6:30 each morning this week.”

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James Straub

Reporter at Ellsworth American
Former Ellsworth American reporter James Straub covered the towns on Deer Isle and the Blue Hill Peninsula. He lives in Brooklin.