Otis to vote on $1.2M in school spending

OTIS — A town warrant of 57 articles will be presented to voters at the Town Meeting on June 19. Citizens will gather at Town Hall for a 9 a.m. start. The first order of business will be the election of a selectman for a three-year term and a School Board member, also for a three-year term. School articles will follow, seeking local appropriations of $1,280,440 toward a $1,698,383 budget for 2021-22. Helping reduce the burden to local taxpayers is a request to use $93,994 from the school’s surplus account toward the next year’s budget.

In the ups and downs of educational expenses, regular instruction costs increased $8,000 to $836,798, while special education costs dropped $21,000. Administration costs are up about $21,000, while other costs, including transportation and facilities maintenance costs, are either flat or up a few thousand dollars.

The school also requests appropriating $91,912 from the surplus account to the capital reserve account.

On the municipal side, the town requests $743,425 to cover everything from paving town roads ($75,000) to boarding stray animals ($300) to paying the county tax bill ($83,801).

Requests from local nonprofits come in at $12,189, including $1,000 for the Down East Family YMCA, $3,000 for the What’s For Suppa food pantry and $2,688 for the Ellsworth Public Library.

Selectmen are also asking for authorization to lease the fire emergency medical services station building on Olive Carr Road to the Mariaville Volunteer Fire Department “for the purpose of the MFVD providing fire protection and emergency medical services to residents of Otis, along with Mariaville,” in addition to $5,000 for the Mariaville VFD account to be used for the equipment reserve.

To help offset property taxes, the town estimates $235,500 in revenue, mainly from vehicle excise tax ($125,000) and undesignated surplus ($87,000).

The municipal budget is just over $55,000 more than last year, with nearly half of that increase going to paving costs and the remainder spread across several budget lines.

Anne Berleant

Anne Berleant

Reporter at The Ellsworth American
News Reporter Anne Berleant covers news and features in Ellsworth, Mariaville, Otis, Amherst, Aurora, Great Pond and Osborn. When not reporting, find her hiking local trails, reading or watching professional tennis. Email her at [email protected]

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