October births at Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital

At Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital

In Ellsworth

A son, Parker Kevin, was born Oct. 9 to Megan Elyse and Ryan Donald Shaw of Cherryfield.

A daughter, Wrenn Walker, was born Oct. 12 to Courtney Hall and Zachary Jordan of Surry.

A daughter, Hannah Josephine, was born Oct. 14 to Kristina and Ross Bowden of Penobscot.

A son, Brody Dawson, was born Oct. 14 to Tiffany Forrester and Chris Bruce of Stonington.

A son, Mason James, was born Oct. 23 to Samantha Gatcomb and Kyle Clark of Gouldsboro.

A son, Jamie Olin, was born Oct. 25 to Cammie Fowler and Joshua Gale of Brooksville.

A daughter, Lucy Shea, was born Oct. 26 to Margaret Peckenham and Troy Reynolds of Waldo.

A boy, Barrington Awz, was born Oct. 31 to Alyssa and Frank Sulfer of Orland.

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